Things you have to learn before you book A Mandapam in Chennai!

You think finalizing your wedding venue all you want to do is choose one that fits your price range within your residence’s vicinity, right? But it does not exactly sound convenient. It’s higher to assess the place very well so as to keep away from mistakes such as unforeseen hidden costs, position on the day of marriage falling rapidly from region or meals. Choosing the wedding event management company in Chennai is very important in the wedding planning process and should not be taken lightly.

Obviously, the mandapam should be able to readily accommodate all of your wedding guests. However, not all the visitors will come and sit at the same time for a wedding reception, now.

One common mistake usually occurring is to select a kalyana mandapam which is near to the home of the bride. Choose a venue that is easily accessible and open to all guests. You might get visitors coming in both private and public transportation.

Some mandapams have provider of in-house catering. Furthermore, others may have a preferred list of caterers you have to choose from. Estimate the cost of hiring their catering service and compare it with the interest you would otherwise have incurred.

Refer to wedding event management company in Chennai for exclusive deals locations and top professionals such as decorators, models, and makeup artists! And all of this comes at a price affordable.

The ultimate guide for selecting a Chennai wedding planner

A wedding ceremony is one of the most significant and special functions of any family of its own. It is special for the pair, for the apparent reasons. It’s an extremely good opportunity for the families to come together and meet all the relatives.

Everyone knows how plenty of effort is going into planning a wedding and select good wedding planner

Everything you want for a wedding, and more. Wedding Planning has also ended up being an education tool. You’re going to be shocked at all the technologies and facilities that emerged when you start planning for a marriage.

Event planner guides you have been through the whole process of planning a wedding ceremony, working with all the organizations and ensuring that the whole thing goes on as scheduled on your Special Event.

Budgeting for your wedding

Timeline of events

Vendor Management

Catering and Menu

Bridal Styling

Photos & Videography

When it comes to wedding planning, one of the main and crucial steps is to find the appropriate venue that suits your needs. A wedding event management company in Chennai provides outstanding wedding ceremony services.

How to choose for your wedding the best wedding decorator?

The wedding decor binds the entire wedding together between elegant ornate backdrops, romantic centrepieces and twinkling candlesticks. Regardless of whether your wedding ceremony style is plain or elaborate, the proper decoration will turn your huge day into a fairy tale. And the right wedding event management company in Chennai might turn your wedding decorations into a conversation starter, something your guests will most remember.

Even though every professional sounds similar, at a wedding they do have very different functions. Since our wedding industry is not limited, there is a tendency for businesses to use these terms interchangeably. Some Chennai wedding ceremony decorators offer planning, too, and vice versa.

A wedding planner should make sure the reception is as smooth and seamless as possible. They assist with budgeting, referrals to vendors and negotiation, etc. We ensure on the wedding day that everything is in line with the timetable, communicate with businesses, and fix any issues that may occur on the day.

With all the budgets an excellent event planner can work. But if their portfolio’s entire way out of your budget, they will find it difficult to provide the same pleasant for low budget. To keep a few disappointments, make sure every one of you is on the same page.

Awesome Bridesmaid Posing Ideas for Your Wedding!

In addition to the obvious union, one of the high-quality things to pop out of a wedding is the pix you get to save directly to and enjoy whenever you like. With event planners their lovey-dovey wedding ceremony pictures, no doubt the bride and the groom rule the series. But we should give the bridesmaids and the groomsmen enough credit score, which will improve the whole affair.

And what better way than to arrange a laugh-stuffed and imaginative photo shoot with your chaddi buddies?

  • Helping Hands
  • Kissing The Bride
  • Walking With The Bride
  • Selfie Time
  • Style Swag
  • Messing With The Groom
  • No Peeking Pose

Hope you burst with imagination with the above ideas of a laugh and flattering bridesmaid picture. Choose your pose and create meaningful pictures for a long time to remember.

Are you still muddling in with your wedding checklist? Don’t worry, the wedding event management company in Chennai is providing high-quality wedding services and the best wedding photography services.

How much does A Chennai Beach Wedding Cost?

Wouldn’t it be a surreal moment when you take your vows to the backdrop of the beautiful ocean under the blue-lit sky together with your love?

One of the most dreamlike and excentric ways to celebrate the anniversary of a marriage is the Beach. Likewise one of the most fitting and coveted locations to hold your marriage ceremony on the seashore is Chennai.

Venue And Food

Looking for the best seashore wedding event management company in Chennai is the most crucial decision about your wedding celebrations. There are a diverse range of amazing properties to match your tastes and finances.

The expenses at venues might fall among Rs 500 per plate to Rs 1,000 consistent with plate. Consequently, the price for a marriage function at a premium property might be around Rs 1,00,000 to Rs 2,00,000 per meal. (Estimate 200 guests for one lunch event or dinner party)


The Chennai premium resorts charge from Rs 5,000 to Rs 16,000 according to room for a night. Your room rate could be Rs 5,10,000 to Rs 12,00,000.


One of the most sought after wedding assets is that of a photographer in marriage. Your precious experience has to be flawlessly registered so that you can appear lower back in memories of your special day with fondness and eternity.

A well-hooked wedding ceremony photographer who can go individually will pay upwards of Rs 40,000 for an afternoon to cowl an event of 300 guests, to give you a trendy idea.

Wedding Planner

At some point a key decision in allocating the funds for your wedding ceremony is to determine whether or not to download a wedding event planners services.
Wedding ceremony planners are believed to price exorbitantly, therefore growing the wedding finances. The professional wedding event management company in Chennai provides both the cheapest and best wedding services.

Birthday Cake Trending Ideas for Girls!

Is your daughter picking the birthday cake to blow her off next on their to – do list? We know you can’t make it here to pay for taking chances. And it’s more critical if it’s far a celebration of her first birthday! You may have accumulated a multitude of opinions and inspirations but still remain undecided. An event planner in Chennai is the best solution for your kids birthday celebration.

There are hundreds of birthday themes and favorite cool animated film characters to choose from when it includes a birthday cake for ladies.

  1. Princess/Tiara Cake
  2. Babydoll Cake
  3. Frozen Theme Cake
  4. Moana Theme Cake
  5. Castle Cake
  6. Tinkerbell Cake

Need help planning a birthday for your little kids? Whether you’re planning a grand birthday bash or a very intimate and private affair, Event management company in Chennai are providing first-class event services and making your unforgettable kids birthday come true.

Five Tips Couples Can Follow To Make Wedding Planning Less Stressful

Planning a marriage is an exciting delight in, yet we all know that at some point it starts to get pretty stressful. There are so many things that need to be addressed and sometimes the responsibilities seem to be infinite. While making plans with event management company in Chennai for one of the nice days in your life is interesting, when you have to face a lot of tasks at once, it can make you feel worn-out and drained. That is why these five wedding ceremony planning tips should be kept in mind to make it less worrying.

• Team Up With Your Partner

• Set A Real Budget

• Be kept well informed

• Set straight your goals

• Prepare a detailed list to do and schedule

You could always employ a wedding planner to reduce some of the burdens. It’s a chunk expensive, but getting someone you can depend on to send you plenty of the outcomes you want and knowing that you’re in a professional’s arms is really worth the investment.

Because they have experience, wedding event management company in Chennai can help a lot and they can provide you with all sorts of information you need. In case you don’t think about getting input from your manager you can define a few key decisions together.